Posted by: Lester Wade | February 18, 2013

As is probably quite evident, I’ve recently been using Ansible to deploy workloads into EC2 and Eucalyptus.  One of the ideas behind this is convenience of being able to leverage the common API to achieve a hybrid deployment scenario.  Thanks to various folk (names mentioned in previous posts) we have a solid ec2 boto-based Python module for instance launching.   One thing I wanted to do when spinning up instances and configuring a workload was to add some persistent storage for the...

Posted by: Tony Beckham | February 18, 2013

A few weeks ago I was asked to write some tests to test using the AWS Java SDK with Eucalyptus. At Eucalyptus we have a very nice test system framework, Eutester,  that aims to provide the framework for cloud architects and administrators to validate and benchmark their various AWS-compatible cloud infrastructure options. I thought to myself, "Dude, if I'm going to have to write tests for AWS Java SDK, I want to build something like Eutester... maybe even be a part of Eutester" Thus the...

Posted by: Tony Beckham | February 18, 2013

So...I've re-thought and re-wrote a lot (almost all) of Eutester4j's operations.  I've also put together a test suite with several Auto Scaling tests that have been delivered by Steve Jones of the services development team as part of Eucalyptus 3.3 work.  These changes should be on github today or tomorrow (pending a pull request)   Thanks to all who have provided feedback and support.

For fun here is a recent test run against 3.3 dev branch (note: the multiple availability zone test...

Posted by: John Jiang | February 17, 2013

我们意识到只有少数大规模的软件部署(包括Eucalyptus和其他软件)是完全按照计划进行的。这个文档简单描述了基于Eucalyptus部署一个应用于生产环境的私有云的关键环节。这个文档的目的是帮助帮助桉树团队与客户方面进行有效沟通,使得部署计划能够按计划进行,以量化的方式评估并记录项目进度,最终向客户交付基于Eucalyptus的私有云。我们并不认为所有的部署都能够精确地按照本文档所描述的步骤 进行。这个文档的目的是为一个新的项目提供一个指导性的框架,帮助桉树团队与客户方面进行有效沟通,制订合理的部署规划,并且按照部署计划付诸实施。




Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | February 13, 2013

Hi folks - just a quick note that we're working on getting everything set up on GitHub regarding our newly open-sourced Education Services training materials. In the meantime, for those who want to go ahead and get their hands on them, we've decided to temporarily make everything available via DropBox. Please note: all materials here are licensed under the same terms as Eucalyptus documentation, which is also open. For questions about that license, refer to this document:


Posted by: Lester Wade | February 8, 2013

Following on from my post on how to deploy multiple instances of the Eucalyptus deployment console I figured I’d make it more useful and add an HAProxy load balancer in front of the user consoles.  With the playbook found here, you should be able to deploy as many consoles as you want and add a single load balancer in front of them.

There are some changes which are worth explaining in this example.  Firstly, the funky templating that Ansible and the Jinja2 templating language allow...

Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | February 7, 2013

Just read this latest blog from Brian Thomason, Engineer at Eucalyptus System, Inc.  He leads us to the promise land on how to create your own debian packages for Eucalyptus 3.2.

Who knows, maybe he will follow up with a blog discussing how to use Walrus buckets to serve up the APT repository – similar to what can done with Amazon S3.   Make sure and visit Brian’s blog entry.  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!  Keep up the good work Brian!

Posted by: Brian Thomason | February 5, 2013

Some of you may have heard that Eucalyptus no longer supports Debian or Ubuntu.
While it is true that given our current customer base and target customer base
that we have decided to support only CentOS and RHEL from a contractual
standpoint with our customers, it does not mean we have abandoned our
community efforts behind Debian and Ubuntu.

In fact, the opposite is true.  There was a long period of time where Eucalyptus
was not available in Debian and/or...

Posted by: Lester Wade | February 5, 2013

My previous post talked a little bit about new functionality from (new and updated) ec2-related modules in the Ansible 1.0 release.  In this post I’ll go through the practical example of launching multiple instances with the module and then configuring them with a workload.  In this case the workload will be the Eucalyptus User Console

For those who are unfamiliar with ansible, check out the online documentation here. The documentation itself is in a pretty good order for newcomers,...

Posted by: Deependra Shekhawat | February 5, 2013

People love BSD and it bothers me, that  they cant run it on Eucalyptus private cloud inside their organisation. So, I took the challenge on  building an openbsd image (EMI) which we could then run on Eucalyptus.

The version of openbsd used is 5.2 amd64 and Eucalyptus 3.2.0 on CentOS 6.3. Note that there were problems with running an instance store backed EMI and hence I ended up running an instance from boot-from-EBS EMI.

For the sake of simplicity, this post is divided into 5...