Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 6, 2013

When planing what types of servers to use for your Eucalyptus deployment, there are several things to take into consideration. The first thing to consider is what type of network you are deploying to (e.g. one that you completely control or a colocation facility). The second thing to consider is what type of storage you plan to use with the Walrus (e.g. local disk, iSCSI LUN, Fibre Channel backed LUN, etc.). Figuring out these things ahead of time will help you to pick the best server...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 6, 2013

In the first three posts in this series we took a look at networking, application stack, and storage considerations when designing Eucalyptus clouds. In this blog post, we will take a look at compute infrastructure considerations, as well as some misc. gotchas and common mistakes to avoid when designing a Eucalyptus cloud.

Compute Infrastructure Considerations

The compute infrastructure, though the heart of any cloud platform, is the last to get consideration since many other...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 5, 2013

As part of the EucaStart 2.0 engagement process, Eucalyptus Professional Services is providing detailed information on each stage of an IaaS cloud deployment in an open and transparent way for all to modify and implement. We hope this will help guide our users, customers and partners to setup successful IaaS cloud deployments.

This post will cover an overview of the Eucalyptus software installation which is a prerequisite to my last post on on “User Acceptance Testing”,...

Posted by: Lester Wade | March 5, 2013

The first cut of the Ansible deployment playbook for deploying Eucalyptus private clouds is ready.  I’ve merged the first “release” into the master branch here: Feedback and contributions are very welcome, please file issues against the project.

This playbook allows a user to deploy a single front-end cloud (i.e. all component on a single system) and as many NC’s as they want.  Although admittedly I’ve only tested with one so far.  I’ve...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 4, 2013

In our previous blog entries in this series, we have examined how networking and application stack considerations affect good cloud design. In this entry, we will take a look at how to design for storage in the cloud.

Cloud Storage Considerations

The results of your application research drives cloud storage design. Based on the data gathered about applications, we can determine how much storage being used will be ephemeral and how much must be persistent. We then size our...

Posted by: Graziano Obertelli | March 4, 2013

Few years back I heard Santa Barbara referred as Silicon Beach. The first Cloud Meetup confirmed the rumor. The kick-off meetup, was co-organized between AppScale and Eucalyptus,  and it was held at AppScale HQ. We got a recording of the meetup (a better quality one should be on the way), at least of the presentation parts: sorry no food or drinks in it. The first meeting was meant as a very quick introduction to both Eucalyptus and AppScale and where they respectively fit into the Cloud...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | March 3, 2013

Recently, we released our latest milestone build for Eucalyptus 3.3.  Go take it for a spin. This is a big one, since it incorporates, for the first time, functional versions of the “Big Three” AWS services we’ll be releasing later this spring: Autoscaling, Elastic Load Balancing, and Cloudwatch.  It also presents a good opportunity to step back and look again at our AWS compatibility story.

It’s no secret that Eucalyptus believes in the power of the Amazon Web Services API. Amazon...

Posted by: John Jiang | March 3, 2013

最近需要在一台没有光驱的上网本上通过FastStart装一个Eucalyptus 3.2.1。比较简便的办法,看来是将ISO转录到U盘上,然后通过U盘启动上网本并进行安装。



将U盘插到上网本上,设置上网本从U盘启动。呀呀,Missing Operating System!启动不来。


Posted by: Vika Felmetsger | March 1, 2013
In a cloud environment, where resource virtualization and multi-tenancy are some of the key features, security is something that simply cannot be ignored. In Eucalyptus, we invest a lot of effort into building software that is not only robust and easy to use, but is also secure and allows for building secure clouds. We also believe that the most effective way of building secure software is to be proactive about it and address security concerns before they become vulnerabilities.

There is no...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 1, 2013

In the previous entry in this series, we took a look at networking considerations when designing a Eucalyptus cloud. In this entry, we will take a look at application stack considerations.

Application Stack Considerations

The second area to be probed in terms of a Eucalyptus Solutions Architecture is the application stack. This is just as, if not more important than networking as many application workloads are not optimized for the cloud. With the assumption that the use case has...