Posted by: Tim Zeller | June 9, 2014

In this week's Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup, we will dig into some familiar topics, including hybrid cloud, the perceived struggle between software such as Eucalyptus and OpenStack and the main benefits of private cloud. On top of all that, we'll take a step back to look at the impact of copyright on cloud APIs and the network performance of various major cloud providers. There's plenty to cover, so read on as we recap some of the week's biggest cloud stories.

Is interest in cloud...
Posted by: Tim Zeller | June 6, 2014

On paper, private cloud is the ideal computing architecture for any organization that needs:

Control of its data, whether for reasons of security or compliance with applicable regulations Minimum levels of performance for critical, complicated workloads Predictable, easily managed expenditures, with most outlays on the CAPEX rather than OPEX side

Moreover, the private cloud can potentially provide the best of both worlds in terms of IT. The elasticity and on-demand service of...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | June 5, 2014

The meteoric rise of the public cloud has certainly created pressure for companies with existing IT infrastructure and data center operators to emulate the speed and efficiency of Web-scale providers. Public clouds make it incredibly convenient to spin up developer resources in an instant, creating pockets of "shadow IT" and leaving on-premises hardware underutilized. But as more and more internal users forego on-prem infrastructure resources to flock to the public cloud, costs can quickly...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | June 4, 2014

Organizations are clamoring to move more data to public cloud. Why? Cost certainly seems like a factor. Writing for GigaOM, AppZero's Greg O'Connor put forward the notion of "Bezos' Law" as a corollary to Moore's Law (the principle that computer processor speeds double every 18 months). Named for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, this "law" posits that the cost of compute resources declines about 50 percent every three years, as cloud providers deploy additional, more powerful infrastructure. The...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | June 4, 2014

With virtually limitless cloud resources now available at the click of a button (and the swipe of a credit card), companies have more opportunity than ever to build and scale operations to keep pace with customer demand. However, this new paradigm also naturally creates additional pressures to innovate and ensure that teams are getting the most value out of all infrastructure.

"Most companies want the control that comes with an internal IT infrastructure, but with the speed of...


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