Posted by: Paul Weiss | June 18, 2014
The Journey Part II

In this video, we will install Eucalyptus 4.0 FastStart on the machine we prepared in Part I. We will also introduce a few command line tools, launch a couple of instances and take a quick look at the new “Management Console”.


Machine with CentOS 6.5 x64 installed as in previous video Pool of available IP addresses not in any DHCP pool Eucalyptus FastStart 4.0 “One Line Installer”:



Posted by: Paul Weiss | June 17, 2014
The Journey Part I

Install CentOS 6.5 x64 minimal in preparation to install Eucalyptus FastStart 4.0.

Gather the following:

Download CentOS 6.5 x64 minimal ISO from We recommend a minimum of 100GB disk space for /var (in the video we will have a single large /) A proper domain name (I chose cloud1.vlab.local) 1 static IP address w/ Internet access Machine should have virtualizaton support (check BIOS)

Posted by: Paul Weiss | June 17, 2014

In the next series of posts and videos we will take a look at the journey of one our community members. He started with a single machine running Eucalyptus 4.0, then added a few canned images. From there he started to build his own images using from ISO and then customized these images with additional software packages. With the usage increasing of the single Cloud-in-a-Box (CiaB) machine, it was time to increase the capacity by adding more compute power or Node Controllers (NC)....

Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | June 16, 2014

I frequently check out Dustin Kirkland’s blog to get ideas about how to secure instances running on various cloud infrastructures.  Recently, I stumbled across one of his blog entries, where he discussed a package called ‘overlayroot‘, which is part of the cloud-initramfs-tools package for Ubuntu.  The really interesting feature I liked about this package is the ability to encrypt – using dmcrypt –  the root filesystem of the instance.  What this means that if the Node Controller...

Posted by: Tim Zeller | June 16, 2014

The cloud computing market includes so many players and technologies that measuring its actual size can be difficult. This year alone, there was a Skyhigh Networks report estimating that shadow IT was 10 times the size of known cloud usage. And although Google Trends has shown a leveling-off of searches for the term "cloud computing," this is likely a sign of growing familiarity with the benefits of cloud computing rather than declining interest.

So how big is cloud computing? Some...


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