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Eucalyptus Clouds in Production

By Marten Mickos | November 09, 2011

Many times I am asked about the typical use cases for Eucalyptus and who our users and customers are. When the Eucalyptus open source project launched in 2008, many of our early adopters were academic and research institutions, as is typical with new technologies. Since then, Eucalyptus usage has spread to innovative tech companies, large enterprises, and government agencies. Below is a quick summary of common uses cases and some relatively new Eucalyptus users.

My Tweets of the Summer of 2011

By Marten Mickos | September 13, 2011

A summer full of activity! Cloud computing, open source, and modern business management saw great advances in the last few months. Linux turned 20. Amazon Web Services kept growing. Eucalyptus expanded its installed base.

Below is a review of the summer that passed based on my twitter account. I reviewed my tweets and picked the ones I believe have the most lasting value. I grouped them by category. Hope you enjoy them!

Join Us in Building Highly Available Clouds

By Marten Mickos | August 24, 2011

It is important times for Eucalyptus and private cloud computing, as we proudly announce the next generation of Eucalyptus software: Eucalyptus 3. Known worldwide as cloud pioneers from our times as an advanced research project at UC Santa Barbara, we are again coming out with an industry first: a private cloud platform with built-in High Availability.

Cloud Computing and the 10X Effect

By Marten Mickos | May 21, 2011

In the IT industry, technology and the usage evolves faster than in perhaps any other industry. As a rule of thumb, systems can grow 10 times under their current architecture or paradigm, then they must be re-architected. This 10X effect causes old technologies to become obsolete and new ones to emerge. It also underlies the massive shift to cloud computing.

The last major computing infrastructure paradigm shift happened in the '80s when "client/server" was introduced as the new way to design business applications. Those applications typically ran on x86 computers – aka PCs.

Ubuntu, Linux, and Eucalyptus

By Marten Mickos | May 11, 2011

Last week Eucalyptus participated in the Red Hat Summit in Boston. This week we are at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Budapest. At UDS Canonical formalized the decision to make OpenStack what they call foundation technology in Ubuntu Cloud. What are the likely impacts of this decision?

As John Pugh of Canonical states it in his tweet (@zoopster): "no real change there it's about choice."

We have been aware of this for some time, and we understand Canonical's decision. Sure, it would have been great to continue as the one and only cloud platform in Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC). But we have embraced openness and open source exactly because it creates choice and reduces lock-in. OpenStack is a welcome colleague in the Ubuntu world.

Eucalyptus will continue to fully support Ubuntu Linux. The UEC is a set of extensions to Eucalyptus that Canonical maintains as add-ons to the baseline set of Eucalyptus Ubuntu packages. We plan to continue to package Eucalyptus for Ubuntu; it is the set of add-ons that will no longer be supported by Canonical.

25,000 clouds

By Marten Mickos | May 03, 2011

The world is becoming a massive computational machine. Soon we will have 10 billion connected devices on this planet - phones, pads, laptops, servers, GPSs and vehicles, medical devices, meters and recorders, and so on. And then there will be more. These connected devices, which are advancing the speed and quality of our communication and access to information at an extraordinary rate, are also democratizing the use of technology - between humans and among the devices themselves! The only way to effectively handle the varied, unpredictable and massive workload resulting from this expanding connected world is with compute clouds. We must rapidly build public clouds, private (on-premise) clouds, and hybrid clouds. If we don't, we'll quickly run into a number of walls: lack of compute resources, lack of space for the computers, and lack of energy to power them.

Darwinism Determining the Future of Cloud Computing?

By Marten Mickos | March 23, 2011

We are barely into the beginning of cloud computing, so any prediction of what its future will be prone to error. Massive shifts in IT, such as the shift away from client/server into cloud architectures, are a function not only of winning technologies but also of users' behavioral patterns and of leading vendors' strategic decisions. That's one reason why prediction is so difficult. The biggest shifts in IT so far have been characterized by a technological break-through yielding a 10x improvement in efficiency or reduction in overall cost.

Where is Open Source Heading?

By Marten Mickos | March 14, 2011

What a difference time makes! Back in 2001 when I took the job as CEO of MySQL AB, free and open source software (FOSS) was an exciting escapade for the brave ones only. The FOSS movement had been around for some time already, and the communities were not insignificant. But from a perspective of industry, business and common citizens, open source was the brave new thing that many people admired but few were ready to support.


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