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A Box For Your Cloud

By Marten Mickos | December 12, 2013

Where cloud is heading

In the ideal world, compute power would be available everywhere for the application workloads we'd create. In that world, we would run our services on the public cloud, in data centers, in server rooms, under office desks, in connected devices and just about anywhere. We could choose to know and decide where our apps run, or we could choose not to care. We could optimize for convenience and we could optimize for control.

Eucalyptus Empowers the New World of Software

By Marten Mickos | November 24, 2013

Eucalyptus is an open source private cloud software platform that delivers AWS-compatibility, agility and affordability. We empower innovators, allowing you to develop and deploy software on your own servers as you do it on public clouds. We believe in a hybrid future, and therefore we enable application workload mobility between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and your own compute environment.

We have chosen a sharp and specific strategy in the world of infrastructure software. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. This blog outlines our strategic choices.

A DevOps Dream of an Agile and Affordable AWS-compatible Cloud

By Marten Mickos | October 23, 2013

Business units are increasingly turning to the cloud for their IT needs, and CIO-led IT organizations are becoming integrators of software and services over a set of known APIs. From the top of the organization, instructions to be lean and agile are issued. In short, the new IT is a mutual affair between the business unit and IT organization that must become cheaper and faster. The new IT must be able to offer the same support for workloads within the firewall as are offered on the public cloud.

Powering the Cloud World, Disrupting the Old World

By Marten Mickos | June 18, 2013

The cloud computing world is bubbling and expanding. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expected to double their revenues this year, to nearly $4 billion.

What’s behind the enormous growth? It’s the rapidly expanding web and cloud companies who run their production workloads on AWS. Netflix is the largest and perhaps most innovative of them. Others include Pinterest, DropBox, SmugMug, The Climate Corporation, and AppDynamics.

Sticking to a Vision

By Marten Mickos | May 29, 2013

Implementing a computing cloud using your local resources. Open source. Interface-compatible with the leading public cloud. Installation as a one-button activity.

You will find those words in the famous email below from exactly five years ago when Eucalyptus 1.0 was announced and released. Eucalyptus continues to stick to the same vision.

For Developers, The Cloud Means Having To Rethink Everything They Know About Making Software

By Marten Mickos | May 19, 2013

The paradigm hasn’t changed since the advent of software: Applications run, and platforms are what they run on. But the underlying principles of application design and deployment do change every now and then – sometimes drastically, thanks to quantum-leap developments in infrastructure.

All Good Things Come in 3s, and Great Things are 3 Dot 3

By Marten Mickos | April 29, 2013

We are about to ship Eucalyptus version 3.3 – and there is no end to our pride and excitement!

The number 3 has serious meaning to us. When we released our first 3 – version 3.0 – in February of 2012, we brought to bear something the market hadn’t seen before: a cloud platform with high availability (HA) built in.

Eucalyptus 3.2 - Harder on the Inside, Softer on the Outside

By Marten Mickos | November 26, 2012

If you are building out your internal Dev & Test capabilities, Eucalyptus 3.2 may be just what you need. In a few weeks we are officially releasing version 3.2 which has been available through nightly builds for the enthusiastic user community for some time. The new version has been toughened on the inside and softened on the outside. All in all, here is an open source cloud platform for which agility is a key ability.

Business Books

By Marten Mickos | September 24, 2012

Business books! What should you read if you work for a fast growing tech company? Here is my recommendation. Properly read and with its insights thoroughly implemented, each one of these books saves you a year or more of trial and error.


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