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Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup Oct. 21, 2014

By Colby Dyess | October 21, 2014

One of the big themes in cloud computing over the past few years has been the search for "enterprise-grade" solutions, distinguished by their levels of data control, security and performance. Businesses, especially startups, have certainly found uses for public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but for many organizations, some data is never going to leave the premises.

OpenStack's Importance to Service Providers and Enterprises

By Colby Dyess | October 17, 2014

What has driven OpenStack's success? The project has been a defining force in cloud computing since Rackspace and NASA founded it in 2010. This year in particular it has gained substantial traction, with Eucalyptus expressing its support a few months ago and then Hewlett-Packard - now the largest single contributor to OpenStack - acquiring Eucalyptus shortly thereafter.

Eucalyptus and Cloud News Roundup Oct. 17, 2014

By Colby Dyess | October 17, 2014

After an eventful September in Eucalyptus and cloud news, highlighted by HP's acquisition of Eucalyptus and personnel moves at a variety of major cloud players, October has so far been a little quieter. However, there's still plenty to cover in open source software, hybrid cloud and the relationship between business innovation and IT infrastructure management. Here are a few stories that have made headlines recently:

Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos on Open Source Business Models

Eucalyptus and Cloud News Roundup Oct. 6, 2014

By Colby Dyess | October 06, 2014

In the this week's Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup, we'll touch upon a few recent stories, including Google's move to lower its compute prices (again), the partnership between AT&T and Amazon Web Services and what the cloud means for the gender gap in technology. If there's a thread running through much of the recent news in cloud computing, it's the realization by vendors that having a hybrid cloud strategy is now table stakes in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Cloud News Recap: August 5, 2014

By Colby Dyess | August 05, 2014

For our first Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup of August 2014, we'll start off with a look at the growing competition among providers of cloud computing services. While Amazon has led the pack for years - it was remained out front in the most recent edition of Gartner's IaaS Magic Quadrant - Microsoft and Google are using price cuts and infrastructure expansion to take on Amazon Web Services, which MongoDB executive Matt Asay memorably dubbed the potential "800,000-pound gorilla" in the room.

Cloud News Recap: July 30, 2014

By Colby Dyess | July 30, 2014

Amazon announced its quarterly earnings last week. Since then, analysts have been reading a lot into how the retail giant's aggressive pricing war with Google has affected its overall revenues and profits.

Price cuts to Amazon Web Services are nothing new (Amazon has enacted more than 40 of them since 2006), but tying them so closely to their parent company's bottom line is novel. If anything, Amazon's latest figures show how AWS has become a mature and integral part of its business.