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Cloud News Recap: April 14, 2014

By Colby Dyess | April 15, 2014

This week we will be rounding up news mostly about Eucalyptus, hybrid cloud, open source software and the ways in which economical, scalable and high-performing cloud computing solutions enable efficient business operations. Organizations are continually looking for ways to pair remotely hosted resources with on-premises infrastructure so that they can minimize the cost of each workload while still having the public cloud as a spillover option.

Cloud News Recap: April 1, 2014

By Colby Dyess | April 01, 2014

There was plenty of cloud news last week, as the Amazon Web Services Summit got underway in San Francisco and added more fuel to public cloud providers' ongoing competition over features and pricing. With the cost of infrastructure plummeting (both AWS, Google and Microsoft recently announced major price cuts), industry executives and observers have debated whether the public cloud can eventually become inexpensive enough for organizations to run most workloads on it.

Cloud News Recap: March 25, 2014

By Colby Dyess | March 25, 2014

Starting with this entry, we'll be kicking off each week with a round-up of current news about Eucalyptus and the cloud industry as a whole, as well as an overview of recent Eucalyptus blog posts. We'll touch upon main topics such as public, private and AWS hybrid cloud, controlling IT costs, DevOps and agile development. Without further ado, let's recap some of the highlights from last week.

How Does a Eucalyptus Private Cloud Enable Better Continuous Integration?

By Colby Dyess | March 17, 2014

Web applications have come a long way in a short time. In the past, software was often quickly developed and launched, but its bugs weren't ironed out until after the fact, due to the tediousness of most testing procedures. Developers and testers had to click around an application to find bugs, but by the time that they had discovered the main problems, they might already be on the verge of having to add new features that would in turn require additional screening and troubleshooting.

Why Hybrid Cloud is the Answer to Dynamic Scaling Demands of Modern Apps

By Colby Dyess | March 06, 2014

The use cases for cloud infrastructure are broad and suitable for organizations that require scalable infrastructure to support e-commerce, dynamic applications and rapid development/testing cycles. As more and more companies become experts with managing their AWS cloud resources, the need to add greater flexibility and control is driving AWS hybrid cloud setups with on-premises resources.

Dev/Test Clouds Enhance Developer Productivity, Shorten Development Time

By Colby Dyess | February 27, 2014

More organizations are seeing the cloud as a way to streamline coordination between developers and IT departments. With a dedicated dev/test cloud, teams can ensure that they get the optimal environments for testing and refining their software quickly and at lower overall cost. Applications are increasingly updated on rapid schedules, making it more important that companies have the level of continuous integration and delivery that the cloud and automation can provide.

Hybrid Clouds are the Backbone of DevOps

By Colby Dyess | February 05, 2014

Developers are becoming more involved in IT operations, taking on a greater role in deciding how infrastructure is set up to support applications. By tapping into a dev/test cloud, a DevOps-practicing team can iterate more efficiently, pushing code out quickly, testing it, and using versioning control and automation to reduce time to deployment. On top of that, by leveraging hybrid cloud infrastructure, teams can gain greater flexibility through access to both on-premises and public cloud resources, which drives down expenses.


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