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Eucalyptus and Cloud News Roundup June 30, 2014

By Tim Zeller | June 30, 2014

To finish off June, let's look at the some of the top news about Eucalyptus and the cloud from the past week. This time around we'll also examine a few developments in areas such as the Internet of Things and what it means for dev/test teams, the place of DevOps within the enterprise, competition between open source cloud providers and how regulatory pressure could be a boon to private cloud.

Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup June 16, 2014

By Tim Zeller | June 16, 2014

The cloud computing market includes so many players and technologies that measuring its actual size can be difficult. This year alone, there was a Skyhigh Networks report estimating that shadow IT was 10 times the size of known cloud usage. And although Google Trends has shown a leveling-off of searches for the term "cloud computing," this is likely a sign of growing familiarity with the benefits of cloud computing rather than declining interest.

Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup June 9, 2014

By Tim Zeller | June 09, 2014

In this week's Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup, we will dig into some familiar topics, including hybrid cloud, the perceived struggle between software such as Eucalyptus and OpenStack and the main benefits of private cloud. On top of all that, we'll take a step back to look at the impact of copyright on cloud APIs and the network performance of various major cloud providers. There's plenty to cover, so read on as we recap some of the week's biggest cloud stories.

Fine-tuning Data and Application Performance Control with a Private Cloud

By Tim Zeller | May 30, 2014

For many organizations, public cloud provides tangible benefits such as on-demand access to virtually unlimited resources, enabling a level of scalability that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with internal systems alone. Offerings such as Amazon Web Services are the backbones of numerous consumer- and enterprise-facing applications, many of which were created by companies that did not manage their own infrastructure.

RightScale Survey Shows Strong Uptake of Hybrid Cloud and DevOps

By Tim Zeller | April 17, 2014

Adoption of public cloud is undoubtedly taking off. A survey of 1,100 enterprises and SMBs, conducted by RightScale and released this month, discovered that almost 90 percent of respondents were using a public cloud platform in some capacity. Companies are investing in cloud services in order to speed up application development and testing and enable generally easy access to compute, storage and networking resources.