Achieving Dynamic Scalability in the Age of Viral Demand

By Colby Dyess | March 12, 2014

Think about the changing nature of application demand today. Demand patterns that used to be relatively stable and predictable are now anything but.

Like the weather patterns found in nature, end-user demand is become more intense and less predictable. And like forces of nature, this demand can be unrelenting.

The social and mobile webs have completely changed the game by allowing applications to reach connected communities that drive unpredictable, often explosive demand. Gaming, streaming media and commerce applications are just a few examples of the types of applications that are subject to these new demand patterns.

It’s a powerful dynamic for business models and brands, providing an unprecedented level of leveraged reach through viral engagement with communities. It means reaching massive communities is more cost-effective than ever before.

But it’s also a brave new world for application developers and IT operations. When demand is dynamic and elastic, so too must be infrastructure and applications.

That’s the upshot of a new Eucalyptus whitepaper on scalable web services on this topic.

“Achieving Dynamic Scalability in the Age of Viral Demand” is our latest in a series of topical discussions on the challenges and best practices for delivering scalable architecture. This one drills down on the specific requirements for enabling applications and services that scale dynamically in step with changing demand, including a “pre-flight” checklist of critical design patterns that help enable dynamic scalability.

The reality is that the social and mobile webs have forever changed the nature of end-user demand and our application and infrastructure architectures must reflect this. When the weight of web scale demand is forced down on static application and infrastructure, bad things happen. Applications fail to perform or go down altogether. This can have dramatic implications for lost revenue, brand and reputation damage and service levels.

That’s why the changing shape of demand requires fresh thinking about how we design, provision and manage IT resources.

It’s a relatively short read, but this whitepaper on private and hybrid cloud infrastructure is packed with useful insights that will help you think through your next-generation architectures.

Remember: Demand patterns, like weather patterns, are organic, unpredictable and often intense—more so now than ever before. Be sure your application and infrastructure architectures are designed to stand up to these new realities.

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