A Box For Your Cloud

By Marten Mickos | December 12, 2013

Where cloud is heading

In the ideal world, compute power would be available everywhere for the application workloads we'd create. In that world, we would run our services on the public cloud, in data centers, in server rooms, under office desks, in connected devices and just about anywhere. We could choose to know and decide where our apps run, or we could choose not to care. We could optimize for convenience and we could optimize for control.

Today, thanks to common service APIs, the application workloads can freely migrate and be migrated between environments. We currently call such deployments “hybrid”, but in the future this model will be so natural and obvious that it won’t have its own name.

At Eucalyptus we are busy extending the innovative ecosystem of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to cover hardware infrastructure outside of AWS.

Cloud boxes needed

Every month, thousands of people download and install our software on their servers, creating easy-to-manage private clouds that are compatible with the leading public cloud. Those boxes are under the complete control of their owners, yet they provide seamless compatibility with the public cloud.

We noticed that more often than not, our users choose Dell servers for their Eucalyptus clouds. Dell is one of the top 3 server vendors in the world. They are known for delivering modern technology (servers, storage, networking) in an affordable way. They are not trying to get you to buy some software stack that was designed for the old world of IT. They innovate around their own technology and partner with the best organizations to complement the offering. In short, they provide the latest in hardware to work with the latest in software.

Dell Eucalyptus Cloud-in-a-Box

So when Dell contacted us to see what more we could do together, we jumped on the opportunity, knowing that our users and customers would love it. We saw an opportunity to deliver an affordable cloud machine that adheres to the industry standard and is easy to use and operate.

Partnering with Dell

Today, Eucalyptus is announcing our partnership with Dell. By providing Eucalyptus cloud software on Dell infrastructure, companies can reduce cloud spend and increase agility and control.

At Dell World in Austin, Texas we are today proudly demonstrating a live installation of Eucalyptus on the Dell PowerEdge VRTX. The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a box for your cloud. VRTX includes servers, storage and networking all in a compact chassis. The VRTX doesn’t need a data center with advanced cooling systems. It will gladly operate in an office/back-office setting.

As InfoWorld wrote in their Nov 2013 review: “Dell's PowerEdge VRTX packs up to four server blades and as many as 32 small-form-factor disk drives into a self-contained, cluster-in-a-box solution. From a cost and convenience perspective, the cluster in a box is compelling for a wide range of use cases.”

Use cases

If you are thinking of an on-prem complement to your AWS usage, Eucalyptus-on-VRTX is your perfect solution. One box is enough to serve a small team. Add more boxes, and you can serve a large organization. The Eucalyptus software will orchestrate the cloud across all machines. All of this is AWS compatible. This means that what you develop on your VRTX boxes you can deploy on AWS. And what you have on AWS will also run on your VRTX machines.

If you are moving towards a lean model with agile software development and DevOps teams, Eucalyptus-on-VRTX is an ideal platform. It gives you the power of cloud within your firewall. Whenever you need and want to, you can move workloads out to the public cloud that provides planetary scale and elasticity. Whenever you need protection, control or the highest performance, you can run on your own private cloud, powered by VRTX. Thanks to API compatibility with AWS, workloads can be moved back and forth.

Next steps

Amazon Web Services is setting a new trend for easy and affordable consumption of elastic compute services on the public cloud. We are taking that same thinking to your own infrastructure. Together with Dell we are providing you an affordable and easily operated cloud-in-a-box that acts as the perfect complement to your public cloud strategy.

MemSQL is already running an advanced Eucalyptus cloud on Dell servers. So is AppDynamics.

It’s time to move to the new, lean and agile world of cloud. Run your application workloads in the convenience of the public cloud or in the controlled environment of your own private cloud. Move workloads between clouds. Go hybrid. Eucalyptus on Dell hardware gives you industry standards, performance, and ease of operation at an affordable price.

Mårten Mickos
CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

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