Increasing Your Testing Happiness Index with Eucalyptus + AWS

By Andy Knosp | May 16, 2013

At the recent AWS Summit San Francisco, AWS SVP Andy Jassy made a point of saying that choosing between private and public clouds is not an all-or-nothing proposition. He said that when customers ask him if they need to be either "all in to AWS, or all in on a private cloud" he tells them the answer is no. He then went on to present six use cases organizations should consider when moving to the cloud. It was interesting to note that the first one on his list was dev & test.

We couldn’t agree more. Among Eucalyptus customers, dev & test is by far the most common use case. It’s pretty obvious why it’s a great fit when you think about how well the combination of a Eucalyptus private cloud + AWS meet dev & test requirements:

  1. Agile development demands an agile test infrastructure. If you’re doing continuous integration with fully automated test, then allocating & configuring the test infrastructure should be automated, too. Since both Eucalyptus & AWS offer programmatic APIs for creating & managing test infrastructure, provision and configuring it can be fully automated. And, if new features demand new test infrastructure variants, developers can use the Eucalyptus or AWS self-service interface to do it themselves– no need to wait around for someone to do it.

  2. Your Eucalyptus test environment is consistent with your AWS deployment environment. Since Eucalyptus is an AWS-compatible private cloud, anything that tests successfully in Eucalyptus will deploy successfully on AWS. It also means that most of the same tools you use to support your testing – like Puppet, Chef, Jenkins and Nagios – will work similarly in both environments.

  3. Testing creates workloads that often need similar, but slightly different infrastructure configuration. This is easy to achieve in Eucalyptus – infrastructure variants from test to test can easily be implemented as slightly different base machine images or configuration scripts.

  4. Testing creates workloads that don’t last for very long – some only for a few minutes. So having a cloud’s elastic pool of resources that can be quickly repurposed significantly increases hardware utilization rates.

  5. Testing creates lots of workloads – sometimes all at once. While much of the time you’ll find it most cost efficient to run tests in your fixed-cost private cloud, the nice thing about having an AWS-compatible solution is that if testing loads ever exceed your on-prem capacity, you can easily move them over to AWS.

The net-net of this is that using a combined Eucalyptus + AWS environment for dev & test leads to much less friction in the software innovation process. One of our more insightful customers recently said that the powerful combination of Eucalyptus + AWS increased his company’s THI -- ‘Testing Happiness Index’. And a better THI leads to more testing, which in turn leads to better products and happier customers.

Why not try this combination for yourself?

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