EUCA3 Item Bank Open Sourced and Ready for Review

By Eucalyptus Professional Services | May 14, 2013

A few months ago we announced our intention to open source the Eucalyptus Certified Professional on Eucalyptus 3 (EUCA3) exam item bank. It is my distinct pleasure to formally announce the immediate availability of this document on GitHub. You can find the entire item bank here. The EUCA3 exam itself will become available in a week or two, and will be announced here when it is ready.

What This Means

If you are a prospective EUCA3 candidate:

You can download the item bank today and use it as a study guide for your exam. The exam itself will still be delivered online (more details to follow) and you will have a copy of the Eucalyptus 3: Design, Build, and Manage course book available in digital form while you take the test. No written notes will be allowed, but you will be allowed to have blank paper and a calculator to assist with any needed calculations during the exam.

If you are a cloud certification vendor:

You may use any of this content that you see fit as part of a cloud certification program or study guide, per the creative commons license specified for all Eucalyptus documentation. In fact, you are welcome to launch your own competitive certification using our content if you like. (CompTIA, I'm looking at you. Eucalyptus+ anyone? We'd love to see it!)

How You Can Contribute

You are welcome to contribute new items to the exam, as well as suggest corrections to existing items. In particular, we know there are some edited items where the item itself is fine, but the notes explaining the item need to be updated. If you have other suggestions for how to improve the exam or process, let me know. I can be reached at Thanks!

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