All Good Things Come in 3s, and Great Things are 3 Dot 3

By Marten Mickos | April 29, 2013

We are about to ship Eucalyptus version 3.3 – and there is no end to our pride and excitement!

The number 3 has serious meaning to us. When we released our first 3 – version 3.0 – in February of 2012, we brought to bear something the market hadn’t seen before: a cloud platform with high availability (HA) built in.

At that time, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) was going into production with their internal Eucalyptus cloud. Little did they anticipate that their usage would grow by 50% per quarter over the coming year. They have been adding more servers ever since, and they keep doing so at an astonishing rate. But that rate is nothing compared to what it would have been WITHOUT a private cloud platform. NSN saw an improvement in server utilization of 300%. For every new server they buy, there are 3 more that they do not have to buy. Thanks to Eucalyptus, their servers are working harder! It’s always a good idea to let machines work hard.

Now in June of 2013 we are shipping Eucalyptus version 3.3 and again we present features to you that other cloud platforms are only dreaming of. We are adding 3 new services for scalable cloud workloads:

  • Auto Scaling
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • CloudWatch

These services are compatible with the corresponding services of AWS, and indeed the technical geniuses at AWS helped us figure out important design principles. So true is the compatibility that Chaos Monkey runs on Eucalyptus 3.3. “What monkey is that, and why does it matter?” you may ask. Here is the story. The customer of Amazon Web Services that is by far the largest and most advanced is Netflix. They are the guys who account for 10% of all internet traffic in the US on Friday nights when people are streaming their movies.

Netflix runs all of their business on AWS. To be able to do that, they have developed an amazing set of advanced cloud management tools: Chaos Monkey, Asgard, Edda and others. These tools were developed with only AWS in mind. But thanks to the tight compatibility between Eucalyptus and AWS, those tools also work with Eucalyptus. Fantastic! Now you know that the good stuff that the AWS ecosystem develops can be used by you on your own Eucalyptus cloud. The Netflix tools are open source software and available freely to the whole world:

Back to the 3 new features of Eucalyptus. They are needed when you develop, test, or deploy a scalable cloud application.

Auto Scaling is the capability of the cloud to automatically add new instances to your application when the workload hits a threshold you define. Conversely, the cloud will release virtual machines when the workload subsides again. Elastic Load Balancing is the ability of the cloud platform to load balance the workload from the user of the application to the various instances that power it. It’s automatic and it requires no extra hardware. Finally, CloudWatch is the function that monitors the behavior of the two other features (and the cloud in general) and provides you with reports and alerts.

In summary, with these features, you can build scalable web and cloud applications that make the most of your cloud resources but also have the good manners of giving them back when they are not needed.

With the release of 3.3, Eucalyptus is the perfect platform for anyone developing, testing and deploying cloud applications. It gives you the controlled environment you need for internal development and massive testing, while getting you ready for deployment to planetary scale on the public cloud – on AWS. No other private cloud platform offers you a seamless compatibility with AWS.

Many companies are already seeing this. AppDynamics runs heavy testing on Eucalyptus before deploying in AWS. Mosaik Solutions runs workloads on both AWS and Eucalyptus. MemSQL runs continuous testing on an internal Eucalyptus cloud (with utilization close to 100%). One Health runs dev/test on Eucalyptus and production on AWS. Nordic SI Tieto runs private production clouds on Eucalyptus for their own customers.

Version 3.3 will be Generally Available (GA) in June . In the meantime, you can download the current Eucalyptus source code from our nightly builds and test it out for yourself. It’s open source software and it’s always available to you. Let us know what you think!

Mårten Mickos
CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

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