Building a Dev/Test Cloud Using Eucalyptus Reference Architectures

By Andy Knosp | April 18, 2013

When I talk to IT organizations about using Eucalyptus to set up a private or hybrid cloud, they often ask "How do I get started?" Recently, we've published a series of Reference Architectures which are specific to common use cases deployed in the field Let's take a look at how the Dev/Test Reference Architecture might be used as a framework for building a private or hybrid cloud for Dev/Test purposes.

In many IT organizations, a gap exists between developers and the IT operations team. Developers are looking to create new applications and get them out the door quickly. But there are often delays in provisioning the infrastructure and resources that developers need. This gap often leads to time to market delays and lost productivity.

Eucalyptus provides an AWS-compatible private and hybrid cloud solution which provides developers with the same flexibility and agility they've come to expect from the public cloud, while still allowing IT operations teams to maintain control and costs. The Eucalyptus cloud platform provides self-service resource provisioning, so developers and QA engineers can streamline workflow processes and get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Developers don't need to submit an IT ticket and wait for weeks to get the resources they need. Developers can quickly provision and configure the compute, storage, and networking resources they need on demand.

So where does the Reference Architecture fit in? The Reference Architecture provides a deployment template for IT ops teams to assist them in setting up a Eucalyptus private or hybrid cloud. The Reference Architecture provides the scope of resources they need and the recommended deployment model for their specific use case (in this case, Dev/Test).

This is important for two reasons: First, it prescribes a bill of materials and how to deploy the Eucalyptus cloud platform on it. Second, the Reference Architecture provides a "recipe" for the bill of materials needed to run the cloud.

In the case of a Dev/Test environment, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides the automation for provisioning and de-provisioning resources as application and workload demand ebbs and flows. The Reference Architecture provides design choices for the IaaS solution, including physical resources required and a deployment topology.

The Reference Architecture also outlines technologies commonly deployed with Eucalyptus to provide a complete IaaS solution – such as configuration management, monitoring, and workflow management.

Dev/Test is a great place to get started with Eucalyptus and the Reference Architecture provides you the tools to get started successfully.

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