EucaStart 2.0 Stage 4 - Customer Production Environment Pre-checks

By Eucalyptus Professional Services | March 28, 2013

Over the past couple of weeks Eucalyptus Professional Services has been writing a series of blog posts that provide detailed information on each stage of the EucaStart 2.0 process, see "EucaStart 2.0 - The story so far" for an update.

This post covers Stage 4, the customer production environment pre-checks and here we will investigate a number of pro-active checks that can be carried out to ensure your servers and network are ready for the Eucalyptus IaaS installation.



  • Network cabling correctly wired
    • Are your servers connected to the correct switches? Try out the networking tests in our User Acceptance Testing plan.
  • Network switches configured
    • Ensure your Network Administrator has updated the switch configuration & firmware.
    • Ensure multicast traffic is allowed on the switches. After package installation you can run through the multicast test in step 13.
  • VLAN range provided or VLAN clean network
    • Are you intending to use MANAGED mode? Run through the Prepare VLAN checks from our installation guide.
    • If you cannot allocate the whole VLAN range to Eucalyptus you can configure a specific range using the euca-modify-property command.
  • IP addresses and DNS names allocated
    • Each server should have a static IP address.
    • Each server should have a forward (A) and reverse (PTR) DNS record in your public name server or each system configured with an /etc/hosts entry.
  • Pool of public IP addresses allocated
  • Range of private IP addresses allocated
    • An unused class B network is preferred (e.g.



  • If you intend to use a SAN:
    • A supported SAN device; Dell Equallogic, Netapp (FAS2000 or FAS6000 series) or EMC VNX
    • Username/Password for Eucalyptus access
    • Storage pools configured
  • Disk Space on each system
    • At least 200GB free disk space on the Storage Controller (/var/lib/eucalyptus/volumes)
    • At least 300GB free on the Walrus server (/var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits)
    • At least 200GB free on the Node Controller (/var/lib/eucalyptus)
  • See our Reference Architectures for more information on storage requirements.
  • See our Storage Controller and Walrus troubleshooting pages for more info.


OS Configuration

  • RHEL or CentOS 6 x86_64 installed
  • SELinux in disabled or permissive mode
  • (optional) Network bonding configured
  • Bridge interfaces configured on each Node Controller system
  • NTP installed & configured
  • Direct Internet access from each system
  • Alternatively access to a mirror system or proxy with access to:
    • Eucalyptus repository (*
    • RHEL or CentOS archive (*
    • EPEL ( 

After this stage, you should be ready to go! You can then move onto Stage 5, which covers installation, configuration and populating your cloud with images.

    Can you think of any other checks to carry out before cloud installation?
    Over on the Eucalyptus Wiki and Eucalyptus-users mailing list we've been discussing the various checklists and tools available, come and join the discussion!

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