Eucalyptus 3.2 - Harder on the Inside, Softer on the Outside

By Marten Mickos | November 26, 2012

If you are building out your internal Dev & Test capabilities, Eucalyptus 3.2 may be just what you need. In a few weeks we are officially releasing version 3.2 which has been available through nightly builds for the enthusiastic user community for some time. The new version has been toughened on the inside and softened on the outside. All in all, here is an open source cloud platform for which agility is a key ability.

Agility means that you can undertake bigger changes faster with less time to prepare. In an unpredictable and variable world, paraphrasing Darwin, the winner is not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. To keep up with and beat your competition, your organization needs to be nimble and agile. As you develop and test software, you need to be able to quickly acquire and even more quickly release compute resources. We have a major customer in the telecom space that went from being able to test a large system product only 4 times a month to over 4,500 times a month – all thanks to running their development and QA servers as a private, agile Eucalyptus cloud.

It is with the input from such customers that we developed version 3.2. Whenever a customer found a bug, we would fix it. When they found a weakness, we would harden the code. When they needed advanced integration with EMC's VNX SAN product line, we provided it. We also built out the logging and reporting features of our product in order to give cloud administrators more power to manage their Eucalyptus clouds efficiently. AppDynamics, a rapidly growing company in the application performance management space, is an example of such a customer.

We made Eucalyptus softer on the outside. We further improved FastStart to make it possible to install Eucalyptus for test use with just 9 hits on the Enter key. This radically lowers the barrier to experimentation. We also have built out and improved our documentation, and our online knowledge base makes it easy to find answers to the most common questions around Eucalyptus.

The main usability improvement is a brand new web-based user console. This new tool is targeted at Dev & Test and other internal self-provisioned private clouds. With a remarkably intuitive and elegant user interface, the user console makes end-users more powerful while freeing up worktime for cloud administrators. With version 3.2, it's fun to self-provision your instances, making it a joy to administer the cloud.

Mosaik Solutions is an example of a customer running Dev & Test on Eucalyptus. In addition to internal use, they can quickly spin up on-site distributed compute resources to solve customers' unique spatial problems. And whenever they need even more compute resources, they can tap into AWS in the same way as they use Eucalyptus. Our unique partnership with Amazon Web Services is bringing tangible benefits to cloud users.

As you plan for and build out your internal Dev & Test cloud, take Eucalyptus 3.2 for a spin. You'll quickly experience the benefits of a mature, tested and packaged product that installs quickly and is easy to use. And watch out – soon your utilization will have doubled and you are running twice the development and QA load on your existing hardware infrastructure. That frees up significant money that you may need for all the new projects you are tasked with!

We are proud to bring out our third major feature release in less than 12 months. Eucalyptus team – I am hugely proud of you. Eucalyptus contributors, users, customers and partners – we are grateful for your participation in this work. It has enormous meaning to us and to the Eucalyptus platform. Thank you!

Marten Mickos
CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

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