Together We Build Cloud

By Marten Mickos | June 19, 2012

Together we can accomplish so much more. We are building an architecture of participation into and around Eucalyptus. Version 3.1, due out later this month, signals and shows this approach.

There is just one Eucalyptus platform - and it is free and open source code. You are welcome to get your own copy, play with it, modify it, and redistribute it. Even if you don't want to look into the actual Eucalyptus source code, the APIs we’ve added to the product allow you to independently build your own add-ons. At Eucalyptus Systems, we build such plug-ins and add-ons for our customers.

Together we are a massive ecosystem. With 25,000 Eucalyptus cloud starts per year, we have users in all corners of the world. Over 240 business partners add value to the Eucalyptus platform. With the longest and most impressive reference account list in the industry, you know that Eucalyptus is used in a wide variety of production deployments.

In April 2012, we were proud to note this comment from the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST). "There are many cloud products in the market place, but NIST has determined Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition is the only IaaS cloud management software currently on the market that is built open source and supports private and public cloud infrastructure."

With Eucalyptus 3.1, the most important changes are happening under the hood and around the product. This release draws from production experience with customers such as Puma, Inter-Continental Hotels Group, NIST, NASA, Cornell University and others. We have separated our Quality Assurance function into a separate and strong team. Hundreds of tests are run thousands of times to find and fix even the most elusive weaknesses in the software. We have spun up over half a million instances testing Eucalyptus 3. The Eutester project allows our community and our customers to write their own test scripts for validating whatever is important to them. We have also created a Sustaining Engineering team to keep working on earlier product releases that we will continue to support for our heavy-duty production customers for years and decades to come.

It never took long to install and configure Eucalyptus, but the process was designed for pros. With our new FastStart feature, we offer you a convenient way to bring up a preconfigured and automated cloud. Twenty minutes is all it takes now. And if you can do it faster, let us know! There is an unofficial competition going on.

The code for Eucalyptus 3.1 is available on Github for everyone to use. We are making our bug tracking open on Jira. Customers who file bug reports will have their specific information protected and kept secret, but the bugs themselves will be available to all of you. There may be some exceptions to this rule, but for the benefit of the community. If we or someone else finds a vulnerability in the software, we will fix it as fast as we can, and publish such bug report only when we have made sure that our users have had the opportunity to upgrade their systems. Overall, that's a rare situation to happen, but one that we make sure we are prepared for

Eucalyptus 3.1 is the fourth software release we will issue in just 6 months. This is agile development at its best. We are serving highly demanding users all over the world, and it's important to keep the pace up. Cloud is the new paradigm for software, and Eucalyptus is in the forefront of innovation on the on-premise infrastructure software level. We have deep bench strength in distributed systems, and we turn this skill into a packaged and highly configurable software system that is easy for you to use.

If I may add a personal comment here at the end, I would like to state how happy I am about all the positive changes at Eucalyptus over the past 2 years. I am blessed to have joined a company with an amazing team of founders who represents the absolute best in distributed computing. Adding to that, we now have a large team of professionals in China, India, Europe and all over USA. It's a brilliant team, if I may say so myself. Absolutely brilliant. It's humbling and it's a privilege to be CEO of this smart, serious, sincere, wild and fun bunch.

Our team produced 3.1 on a tight timetable with strict requirements. They are coming out of it with flying colors - on time and with features added that weren't originally contemplated. They did it together.

Together with you, with me, and with everyone, we will take this industry to new heights. We are architecting Eucalyptus for participation. The software is free and open source.. We build product interfaces that anyone can use and link to. In our ecosystem, we establish useful business practices for our partners so that they can innovate and prosper. We take ourselves seriously, but even more so, we take YOU seriously. Together we are stronger.

Try out Eucalyptus 3.1. Enjoy it. Let us know what you think. Give us your feedback. It will influence the coming releases which we are already working on.

Mårten Mickos

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