My Tweets of the Winter 2011-2012: Leadership and Entrepreneurship

By Marten Mickos | May 12, 2012

Here is a summary of my tweets about leadership and entrepreneurship from the previous months.

This is my previous tweet summary for Fall 2011. And, of course, feel free to follow my tweets in real time at!/martenmickos


Keep your own scorecard. @CharlotteBeers on self-assessment, leadership, recruiting - brilliant Q+A from start to end


Should attractive women not include a photo with a job application?

Influence broker Empire Avenue explained

Former Zong CEO @DavidMarcus named president of PayPal via @jeff

Why startups fail and why they succeed - must read from Sep 2011

5 vital entrepreneurship lessons - genius not enough, solve real probls, don't stop moving, money a tool, team

12 masters of innovation by HBR - Blank, Christensen, Drucker, ...

World's best CEOs - Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Ma Huateng (Tencent), Paul Otellini, Joe Tucci, ...

Portrait of an extraordinary entrepreneur - Factual’s Gil Elbaz @gilelbaz

Thanks & goodbye, Google! says @davegirouard as the starts http:/ which lets you raise capital. - All the best, Dave!

Ode to Russian startup accelerator Skolkovo, a nexus for Europe's largest internet population -

ABBA, IKEA, Stieg Larsen, Angry Birds - Nordic brands w global reach, Forbes notes humoristically

Countries where women have the most economic opportunities - S, N, FI, BE, AUS, ...

RT @aaltoes: Check out our first blog posting from the strip to the Silicon Valley, Stanford & SXSW:

Important: How to manage a distributed development team

What a startup incubator looks like when students and entrepreneurs get to design it

RT @MikeBloomberg: More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant:

Advancement of women in business by the European Round Table of Industrialists - excellent initiative!

RT @slangille: Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch via @RomanStanek

Remarkable employees think on their feet and ignore job descriptions


Yandex,, Utkonos - list of Russia's top internet firms by revenue

Why your next board member should be a woman - by Aileen Lee

RT @samiinkinen I'm proud of @trulia team: post-lunch pushups is now routine! Helps thinking, fights mind fatigue..better than caffeine

Great list of 12 useful leadership practices

RT @ZUrlocker: CIO: Managing a Distributed Dev Team w/ideas from Akiban, Atlassian, Eucalyptus, MySQL, Zendesk

Excellent guide to interns at fast-growing startup companies by

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook portrayed in great NYT article

Great profile of @gilelbaz in the LA Times


RT @yarapavan Engineers far more likely than MBAs to build and run companies

Rockstart - new European startup accelerator

I want to be a successful VC without being a jerk, says the great @davidhornik

Great leaders opt for the hard answer to organizational issues, to avoid Management Debt

Highly inspirational talk by Marco Börries about leadership and entrepreneurship (24min)

RT @yarapavan "Getting up early" seems to be the common trait for almost all successful business leaders. Proof:

Excellent European entrepreneurial speaker lineup at Stanford in Q1

Female startup CEOs deliver higher revenues using less capital

Entrepreneurship: 50 is the new 30 - highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in the 55-64 age group. via @benberg

RT @teisenmann: My compilation of 2011's best posts about startup management

5 new management team metrics - highly relevant

Blog on useful silence, serendipity, trust and collaboration by @raesmaa

How Rovio of Angry Birds fame makes money

What is the DNA of Women-Led Startups?


RT @martinamickos: How Tetris became the world's favourite computer game

Welcome to Silicon Valley, Aalto University interns

Berlin as a European startup hub - great analysis by Om Malik

Startup Sauna - very cool 1min video

Entrepreneurs rely on effectual reasoning, corporate execs on causal reasoning

Focus on building 10x teams, not on hiring 10x developers . It's the Economics of Superstars via @vkhosla

Aalto Venture Garage & Startup Sauna in a one minute video

Being a CEO - must watch video by Bing Gordon @bingfish of Kleiner Perkins via @hnshah

Startup Sauna invigorates entrepreneurs in Helsinki (Wired UK)

Marc Benioff has a $10 billion vision for Salesforce. “It consists of customer success.”

Women entrepreneurs: miraculous (but they are just 6% of founders of VC-backed startups in California)

Only 4.4% of 5 top paid execs in Silicon Valley's big software companies are women via @edyson

True motivation stems from Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose, according to Daniel Pink.

Treating the dysfunctional CEO via @bupbin - important for a leader to hear about blind spots

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