My Tweets of the Winter 2011-2012: Open Source

By Marten Mickos | May 11, 2012

Here is a summary of my tweets about open source from the previous months.

This is my previous tweet summary for Fall 2011. And, of course, feel free to follow my tweets in real time at!/martenmickos


"Scarcity is the enemy of serendipity" - thoughtful piece on Burning Man dilemmas by @jessbruder via @brown2020


Awesome dinner w/ former MySQL execs

Congrats Jim & team! Red Hat first open source company to top $1bn a year

One of the most advanced MySQL users in the world attracts some of the most advanced MySQL experts

Inspiring blog post on freedom by JP Rangaswami

Freedom without fragmentation in ecosystems with common APIs

I'm glad you keep saying it! RT @evanpro I'm getting kind of tired of saying "Free and Open Source Software".

Linus Torvalds - king of geeks and dad of 3 Mar 2012

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are becoming more sophisticated - go Iron Sky!

Hooray for open source! Alfresco at 5.6m users and $100m in revenues. via @mjasay

RT @sogrady: new post | "Community Metrics: Comparing Chef and Puppet":

RT @rossmason Some of the really important contributions to an OS project is not code. Projects always have coders, lack in other areas

Great list of ways you can contribute to open source even if you don't write the most amazing code

Open APIs are the new open source via @mjasay

Great interview with Jim Whitehurst of Red Hat on innovation and company culture (NYT)

RT ‏ @pvesterbacka Listening to Timo and the crew talking Star Wreck, Iron Sky and Wreckamovie at #sxsw (@ SXSW Interactive Festival)

Vuorensola on Star Wreck and Iron Sky at #SXSW - fantastic community driven film creation

Open source cars are here - "the people in our community are everyday Henry Fords"

Open source QA: You too can write a Eucalyptus cloud test with Eutester


Memories: 4 yrs ago MySQL ditched IPO plans in favor of joining Sun to create the leading open source vendor

Forbes: is crowdsourcing the future of film? - go Iron Sky!

Open APIs are the new Open Source - so true

Open source brings endless possibilities. Here is Protei - a sailing drone that collects oil spills

Great to see a company running on MySQL be worth up to $100 billion


Every tech company must have an open source strategy - even Microsoft - great article in Wired via @mjasay

Open data - 5bn web pages of it. Go Common Crawl! via @peteskomoroch

signed the petition against PIPA and SOPA

HBase, Node.js, nginx, Hadoop and Rails the top open source gainers in 2011 according to OpenLogc DECEMBER Open APIs: the new open source, and potentially much more powerful to building businesses at scale

Open vs. closed-source for a start-up - discussion on Slashdot

Great move by Meg Whitman to open source webOS - "you're a start-up now, with HP as the first VC"

All giving is asking, and all asking is an asking for love. - Sigmund Freud - - sounds like Freud knew open source

Facebook runs on MySQL, and their MySQL team rocks - simply rocks

Mårten Mickos

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