A Common Set of APIs

By Marten Mickos | April 06, 2012

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Eucalyptus Systems announced an agreement last week that enables customers to more efficiently migrate workloads between their existing data centers and the AWS cloud while using the same management tools and skills across both environments.

With this agreement customers have the added flexibility to more freely move workloads between their existing IT environments and the AWS cloud. In addition, customers can take advantage of a common set of API’s that work across both AWS and Eucalyptus, enabling customers to use scripts and other management tools across both platforms without having to rewrite or maintain environment specific versions. This enables customers to leverage their skills and knowledge of the AWS platform in their existing data centers with Eucalyptus.

Compatibility between key ecosystems creates a new dimension of performance. Increased user activity across systems results in massively increased productivity.

This announcement makes it even more attractive for users, contributors and developers of free and open source software (FOSS) to develop for the AWS API. Truly a new dimension of freedom for applications!

Freeing Your Apps

Through this agreement, companies and government agencies now have the freedom to deploy massively scalable on-premise IaaS environments that are fully compatible with AWS. You can run your applications on whatever type of deployment you choose. The decision on where to deploy can be guided by a wide variety of considerations: application lifecycle management, load balancing, cloudbursting, geographic distribution, governance, backup, disaster recovery, and so on. When different IT environments use the same API, users have more choice and more safety. You are free to run your apps wherever you prefer.

AWS and Eucalyptus provide deep API compatibility. Under the same API, customers have access to computing capability that grows with your business needs, an open source platform that doesn't lock you in, and unmatched support. This agreement will benefit large enterprises that are solidifying their cloud strategy, modern web and mobile services that grew up on the cloud, and anyone developing modern software applications.

Looking Ahead

As the agreement between AWS and Eucalyptus progresses, what should you as a user expect to see?

The two companies are working together to ensure continued API compatibility with Amazon Web Services like Amazon EC2, S3 and EBS. In addition to the ongoing work on API fidelity and on template and image interchangeability, we will be adding more AWS-compatible higher-level features to Eucalyptus. We will also develop specific functionality needed to move and manage application workloads across the cloud and on-premise environments.

We are enormously excited about this agreement and we welcome you to join in by getting started on AWS and taking Eucalyptus 3 for a test drive. AWS blazed the trail with EC2, S3 and other revolutionary cloud services. Eucalyptus was born as a highly innovative research project at UCSB, which pioneered on-premise IaaS. Today, these two companies are working together to serve you in ways not seen before. This is the leading edge of cloud computing.

If you would like to learn more, check out this page or contact us.

Marten Mickos

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