Eucalyptus Clouds in Production

By Marten Mickos | November 09, 2011

Many times I am asked about the typical use cases for Eucalyptus and who our users and customers are. When the Eucalyptus open source project launched in 2008, many of our early adopters were academic and research institutions, as is typical with new technologies. Since then, Eucalyptus usage has spread to innovative tech companies, large enterprises, and government agencies. Below is a quick summary of common uses cases and some relatively new Eucalyptus users.

Scalable Web Services

Puma runs their marketing websites on Eucalyptus. Thanks to the cloud platform, they can efficiently handle widely varying workloads on their various mini websites, which experience usage spikes as a result of consumer behavior and promotional campaigns. Read our Puma case study.

Social Gaming

Plinga is the leading European publisher of social games. They launch new games on Amazon Web Services (AWS). When the usage profile becomes more manageable, they move games back in-house onto a Eucalyptus cloud. Because AWS and Eucalyptus expose the same API, workloads (i.e. games) can easily be moved back and forth between the public and the private cloud. This is a typical hybrid cloud solution. Read our Plinga case study.

Online Media

Wetpaint is a highly popular online site with the latest in pop culture and fashion. They use Eucalyptus as part of their state-of-the-art content publishing system to support continuous rapid growth and spiky usage.

Service Providers

Beijing UnGeo Information Technology Co. is building the first China-based public infrastructure cloud. They use Eucalyptus as the underlying platform, adding management and other functionality from other vendors.


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has deployed an advanced Eucalyptus cloud to support their research and development and to provide farmers on their mobile devices with weather, soil and other vital information.

If you have questions about the above users, let us know. And if you have a similar story to tell, please get in touch with us.

Marten Mickos

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