Welcome, Greg, to the Community of Eucalyptus

By Rich Wolski | November 07, 2011

It is really great to be able to welcome Greg Dekoenigsberg to Eucalyptus. We have always been admirers of the way in which Fedora operates as a community-managed Linux distribution. Greg's leadership is as evident in the quality of the software as it is in the enthusiasm with which Fedora users and contributors interact within its community.

Eucalyptus will certainly benefit from Greg's insights and thoughtful approach to community engagement. Open source software has really been the agent of change that has driven the success of cloud computing, particularly with respect to private clouds. Greg is a person with a strong vision for how this confluence of technologies will change the way users, developers, and administrators make use of computing infrastructure.

Greg's advent as a leader in the Eucalyptus community also marks the beginning of the next era in the project's lifetime. With Eucalyptus 3, the feature set, extensibility, and configuration options together represent a significant new private cloud capability. We expect Eucalyptus community growth to continue to mirror the growth in functionality and deployment of Eucalyptus, and as such we are lucky to be able to work with Greg to lead our community participation. Eucalyptus, as a platform and an ecosystem, will surely flourish under his care.

Finally, and more personally, Greg is awesome. The fun for me in seeing Eucalyptus grow comes from the opportunities it provides to work with enthusiastic and passionate "Eucalyptoids" who are also people with whom it is a pleasure to spend time -- any time. It is fantastic that Greg has decided to join the effort and I know we will be better for it.

If you are in the Bay Area the week of November 7th for CloudExpo, stop by the EucaSocial for a tiddly and a chat with Greg. Otherwise, he can be found prowling the mailing list and the IRC channel with some regularity.

Welcome Greg.

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