Eucalyptus is Open Source, Modular, Distributed, and Scalable

By Eucalyptus Professional Services | November 04, 2011

Eucalyptus is open source: if you want to modify it, contribute to it, assess its security, or just learn from it you can download it and have the source code at your fingertips. The Eucalyptus development process is in the open, as are bug reports, community contributions, and security advisories. This means that companies that deploy Eucalyptus can be assured that the product has been thoroughly vetted by the open source community, and any issues discovered can be mitigated in a rapid fashion.

Eucalyptus' design is modular. The Eucalyptus components have well-defined interfaces via WSDL (pronounced 'wiz-del') - the Web Services Description Language. According to, WSDL is "(a)n XML format for describing network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either 'document oriented' or 'procedure oriented' information." In other words, communication between the components happens in a well-defined but abstract manner, meaning that compenents can be changed or replaced with minimal to no configuration required on the part of other components in the system.

Eucalyptus allows most of these components to be installed on the same physical server, or on separate physical servers as business, security, and resource needs dictate. Components can be installed strategically close to the needed resources. For example, storage services can be installed close to physical storage resources, while management services can be installed close to the resources they manage.

This flexibility allows Eucalyptus to be extremely scalable and to acheive optimal performance in diverse environments. It can be installed on a very minimal setup - a two-server test cloud, for exammple - or installed on thousands of cores and terabytes of storage.

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