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By Marten Mickos | August 24, 2011

It is important times for Eucalyptus and private cloud computing, as we proudly announce the next generation of Eucalyptus software: Eucalyptus 3. Known worldwide as cloud pioneers from our times as an advanced research project at UC Santa Barbara, we are again coming out with an industry first: a private cloud platform with built-in High Availability.

In the last year we have seen over 25,000 Eucalyptus clouds start up all over the world. More and more companies with unpredictable and variable workloads are seeing the benefits of computational elasticity. Consumers are fickle, and if your website or mobile app isn't up to the load, you lose customers. PUMA, Wetpaint, Plinga and USDA are examples of organizations running massive production workloads on Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus is known in the trade as a serious and robust piece of software. What runs on Eucalyptus runs well.

But this is not enough for us. As more enterprises adopt on-premise clouds, we continue to strive to provide customers with everything they need to run – with complete confidence -- business-critical applications and data in their clouds. Over the last 18 months we have been working hard to take our cloud platform to a new level, and the result is Eucalyptus 3 with built-in high availability (HA).

In terms of lines of code, Eucalyptus 3 is nearly twice as big as Eucalyptus 2. But for our users, if anything, the product is now easier to use. The platform runs as before, only now it can assure uptime even in times of hardware failure, networking failure and software failure.

Implementing HA was the obvious next major evolution for Eucalyptus. After all, a key reason for organizations to run a private (i.e. on-premise) cloud is typically that they want more control than they have over a public cloud. Public clouds provide amazing uptime. But at the end of the day, this uptime is nothing you can influence. In a private cloud, however, it's your hardware and you can set the parameters. You can determine the level of assurance. With Eucalyptus 3 supporting HA in the cloud platform itself, your cloud rises to a new level of availability.

Originally, our project to develop HA was intended for a few customers who were asking for it early on. But as we dove deeper into the topic, it turned out that a majority of our users needed this feature. And while HA is the main feature for Eucalyptus 3, it is not the only significant enhancement. There are many other important new features, too, such as improved identity management and boot from EBS – all geared at creating the most robust and easily managed private cloud platform for the enterprise. Check out our product pages to learn more.

Most people will agree that there is a strong shift to cloud these days. But why is it happening? What benefits are organizations looking for?

From a demographic and technical standpoint, there is a trend stronger than all other trends: the immense growth in the number of connected devices. We might benefit from cloud infrastructure just to run our existing web and mobile applications. But the big change is that the number of connected devices is growing exponentially. Every human being will have multiple connected devices, and every connected device will have multiple connected devices. All of them represent intermittent, variable and unpredictable usage. The only way to serve them is with a cloud infrastructure. We need public clouds, virtual private clouds, private (on-premise) clouds, government clouds, and so on. Only clouds can live up to the expectations on today’s and tomorrow's connected devices.

It is in this world that Eucalyptus is engaged. We focus on the on-premise clouds of enterprises. By enterprises we mean large corporations, medium-sized corporations, government agencies, and web & tech companies.

As we work on finalizing Eucalyptus 3 for general availability, we are also upgrading our visual identity and changing our logo. Our new visual identity tries to convey the modernity of cloud and the technical nature of our company and our business. The Eucalyptus name itself will proudly continue to stand for “Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems.”

Our user base is growing rapidly, our users operate bigger clouds, and the nature of their cloud usage is more mission-critical than before. In this rapidly changing market, we are bringing the third generation of Eucalyptus to you with a new visual appearance. We hope you like it! As always, please communicate actively with us on your experience and what you see in the market. You can reach me at marten at eucalyptus dot com.

Go cloud! Go Euca!

Mårten Mickos


Is is going to be implemented througout the world. When could we receive it here in morocco

Thanks, hicham, for the question. Yes, Eucalyptus 3 will be available all over the world for download as free and open source software. You can download and install Eucalyptus 2 right now from Once version 3 is available, it's straightforward to upgrade. All the best with your Eucalyptus cloud!

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