Dell and the Cloud

By Marten Mickos | February 02, 2011

Today Canonical and Dell made an important announcement: Dell is shipping servers with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) pre-installed. This is great news for any business interested in private cloud computing. UEC consists of the Ubuntu Linux distro combined with the Eucalyptus open source cloud platform. UEC is a robust and production-ready software product that has been shipping for over a year now, with a huge number of deployments all over the world. Now, all of that is available in the USA as a simple and single purchase from Dell.

One of the main ideas behind private clouds is to make computing more agile, and these Dell-UEC boxes take this agility benefit to the next level. More and more, we are hearing about businesses, especially smaller businesses and web companies, that are growing their own private clouds from scratch. As these customers build and expand their elastic compute infrastructures, these cloud-ready servers (Dell PowerEdge C2100 and C6100) are a perfect fit. And because Eucalyptus implements the same API as Amazon Web Services (AWS), workloads can easily be moved between your private cloud and AWS.

This new initiative is also a massive business opportunity for Dell. Just in 2010, over 25,000 new Eucalyptus clouds were started up around the world. Given that clouds typically have tens, hundreds or thousands of servers, the total market for new servers for cloud deployments is substantial. Dell is well positioned to be a key vendor of cloud-ready hardware for companies with new and growing clouds.

The Dell-UEC integration is the result of advanced engineering work and cooperation from Dell, Canonical and Eucalyptus Systems, and it is exciting to see this effort coming to fruition. We hope this product will serve you well as you go cloud!

Mårten Mickos
CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

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