Marten, welcome to Eucalyptus

By Rich Wolski | March 19, 2010

As many of the press reports have indicated (Wall Street Journal, New York Times), Marten Mickos has joined Eucalyptus as our new CEO, which is truly an exciting turn of events. It is amazing to be able to work with Marten, who truly understands the value of open source software and how to build an open source business, particularly at this stage in the technology’s and the company’s development. Before Eucalyptus, many of us had been big open-source users, and those of us who come from academia have benefitted tremendously from the availability of open-source software. Indeed, one of the motivations for Eucalyptus continues to be a sense that it is our turn to contribute to the community. The business success of MySQL AB, where Marten was CEO for seven years before it was acquired by Sun, is seen as a triumph; at its foundation is the still tremendously- successful MySQL open-source technology. Having the opportunity to work with someone who so clearly understands the interplay between the needs of the community and the commercial realities that must be faced in order to meet those needs (an interplay that is often complex and challenging to understand) is something that we are excited about pursuing.

We have always been of the belief that if we are to continue to move Eucalyptus forward, we must do so with a clear sense of the business purpose that is behind the technology. We had taken the technology as far as we could as a UCSB research project. Once we decided to commercialize it, we also decided that we would try to do so with the same enthusiasm we had for the research that spawned the technology. In this vein, having Marten as our CEO is a possibility we did not anticipate, but one we are now thrilled to enjoy. That is, we are all long-time distributed systems engineers, some of us dating back 25 years in terms of experience, good and bad. If you want a distributed system, you could do a whole lot worse than talking to a Eucalyptus engineer about getting one. In the same way, if you want to build a world-class open-source company, you can do no better than to work with Marten Mickos.

Welcome to Eucalyptus, Marten. And yes – it really does stand for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking your Programs to Useful Systems. How could it not?

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