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A Big Step

By Marten Mickos | September 11, 2014

We are taking a big step. The world is shifting from legacy infrastructures to cloud, and everything is changing. Public cloud is driving a new design pattern for software, and data centers are becoming private clouds. In this disruptive change, the Eucalyptus team nurtures 3 big dreams that drive our behavior:


By Marten Mickos | August 21, 2014

We have turned around the Eucalyptus ship, and it is full steam ahead. Welcome aboard!

The product now works beautifully and the AWS compatibility is outstanding. We are signing up customers faster than before, helping them reach a new level of agility in any business operation that relies on compute power.

Why Is Eucalyptus Keynoting at an OpenStack Conference?

By Marten Mickos | August 11, 2014

I want to be an OpenStack contributor.

Back in the early days of private cloud, Eucalyptus worked closely with the folks at NASA who later developed Nova, figuring out together what open-source IaaS clouds need to look like. To this day Eucalyptus contributes Euca2ools to the entire world of cloud users. And I have been joking (while meaning it in earnest) that Eucalyptus is a big contributor to OpenStack because we contribute competition.

Standardized Open Source Products are the Key to Unlocking the Lock-in Trap

By Marten Mickos | July 20, 2014

When it comes to software and cloud services, the concept of lock-in has a heightened meaning. Vendor lock-in exists in all industries, but no where does it take you more by surprise than in software and cloud services. Much like when selecting a house renovation contractor, there’s a hidden penalty you pay both operationally and financially.

Euca 4 Ops

By Marten Mickos | May 07, 2014

A cloud platform can broadly be seen as having two layers. The upper layer is used by developers and users. That part consists of cloud services, represented primarily through their APIs. The lower layer is the underlying infrastructure (i.e. hardware). It operationalizes what the cloud workloads are requesting through the APIs.

A Box For Your Cloud

By Marten Mickos | December 12, 2013

Where cloud is heading

In the ideal world, compute power would be available everywhere for the application workloads we'd create. In that world, we would run our services on the public cloud, in data centers, in server rooms, under office desks, in connected devices and just about anywhere. We could choose to know and decide where our apps run, or we could choose not to care. We could optimize for convenience and we could optimize for control.

Eucalyptus Empowers the New World of Software

By Marten Mickos | November 24, 2013

Eucalyptus is an open source private cloud software platform that delivers AWS-compatibility, agility and affordability. We empower innovators, allowing you to develop and deploy software on your own servers as you do it on public clouds. We believe in a hybrid future, and therefore we enable application workload mobility between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and your own compute environment.

We have chosen a sharp and specific strategy in the world of infrastructure software. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. This blog outlines our strategic choices.

A DevOps Dream of an Agile and Affordable AWS-compatible Cloud

By Marten Mickos | October 23, 2013

Business units are increasingly turning to the cloud for their IT needs, and CIO-led IT organizations are becoming integrators of software and services over a set of known APIs. From the top of the organization, instructions to be lean and agile are issued. In short, the new IT is a mutual affair between the business unit and IT organization that must become cheaper and faster. The new IT must be able to offer the same support for workloads within the firewall as are offered on the public cloud.

Powering the Cloud World, Disrupting the Old World

By Marten Mickos | June 18, 2013

The cloud computing world is bubbling and expanding. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expected to double their revenues this year, to nearly $4 billion.

What’s behind the enormous growth? It’s the rapidly expanding web and cloud companies who run their production workloads on AWS. Netflix is the largest and perhaps most innovative of them. Others include Pinterest, DropBox, SmugMug, The Climate Corporation, and AppDynamics.