AWS and Eucalyptus Agreement

In 2012, AWS and Eucalyptus announced an agreement that enables customers to more efficiently migrate workloads between their existing data centers and AWS while using the same management tools and skills across both environments.

As part of this agreement, AWS will support Eucalyptus as we continue to extend compatibility with AWS APIs and customer use cases. Customers can run applications in their existing data centers that are compatible with popular Amazon Web Services such as EC2, S3, EBS, IAM, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and CloudWatch.

Organizations now have the flexibility to choose whichever cloud environment is most appropriate for their workload while leveraging a common set of APIs that work with both AWS and Eucalyptus without the need to rewrite or maintain environment-specific versions. Additionally, customers can leverage their existing skills and knowledge of the AWS platform by using the same, familiar AWS SDKs and command line tools in their existing data centers. The benefits are clear: cost-savings, convenience, and control throughout the entire application development and deployment lifecycle.