Eucalyptus and Amazon Web Services Compatibility

Eucalyptus is open source software that enables the creation of a self-service private cloud platform for developing, testing and deploying cloud applications that are compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most widely used and advanced public cloud. Using a common set of APIs, you can easily move workloads between your on-premises Eucalyptus cloud infrastructure and AWS, letting you minimize costs, manage company data, meet compliance requirements and enable DevOps processes.

Moreover, Eucalyptus gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to cloud: The unparalleled scalability of AWS and the dedicated performance, security and control of on-premises IT infrastructure. If your company started with an entirely AWS environment, then you can go on using the same tools, scripts and images with Eucayptus. Or, if Eucalyptus is the first part of your cloud journey, then our deep AWS API compatibility sets you up to efficiently scale and automate hybrid cloud infrastructure as operations grow.

Eucalyptus Private Cloud - AWS Public Cloud Compatibility Diagram

Eucalyptus is compatible with the following AWS features:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Auto Scaling
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon CloudFormation

This extensive compatibility came about following an agreement between Eucalyptus and AWS. The result is the highest level of quality and fidelity when transferring workloads between the two ecosystems - an application can be developed within Eucalyptus private clouds using dedicated resources and then migrated unchanged to AWS when it is ready for production.

Benefits of Pairing Eucalyptus Private Cloud with Amazon Web Services

What do Eucalyptus customers get from this broad API compatibility? For starters, they do not have to rewrite applications before moving them to a different platform, nor do they need to maintain versions that are specific to one environment or the other.

Being able to freely use familiar tools across both Eucalyptus and AWS leads to rapid, efficient and cost-effective dev/test and deployment. The entire application development process can be fully controlled, with instances running in the data center or on AWS, depending on the requirements of a given workload. The end result is a much more agile organization that can help empower faster innovation throughout the business.

The benefits extend beyond dev/test and application portability. Eucalyptus users can:

  • Dramatically reduce cloud expenditures by shifting workloads between private and public infrastructure
  • Increase utilization of existing IT assets and fulfill resource requests in a matter of minutes, not months
  • Set up cutting-edge hardware that provides dependable, dedicated performance for your Eucalyptus private cloud
  • Take advantage of AWS ecosystem tools to monitor and manage cloud services and images
  • Make Eucalyptus the open source reference implementation for AWS compatibility ensuring data portability
  • Standardize application policies using IAM for both AWS and Eucalyptus private cloud
  • Meet regulatory compliance by using Eucalyptus to keep private assets in your own data center

How Can Eucalyptus Benefit Your Organization?

Whether your organization has been using the cloud for years or is just now considering possible solutions, Eucalyptus can meet your needs.

For current AWS users, Eucalyptus lets you go on receiving the key benefits from the public cloud ecosystem - scalability and a variety of advanced services - while also leveraging in-house infrastructure to the fullest. On-premises hardware and software are often underutilized for tasks such as testing, but the automation and speed of Eucalyptus solves this problem by letting you get more from key assets.

At the same time, with Eucalyptus you ensure that you meet regulatory compliance and can properly scale testing, reducing spend per test and setting up processes that are driven by business requirements rather than economics.

If you have not used AWS but still want to leverage cloud architecture, then Eucalyptus gives you plenty of tools to get started. Eucalyptus is easily set up on major Linux distributions with support for the KVM hypervisor. As open source software, Eucalyptus is always improving, giving you increasingly efficient ways to rapidly develop applications and deploy them locally via Eucalyptus or globally by moving them to AWS.

Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap and Additional AWS-compatible Features

Eucalyptus strives to be the ideal on-premise complement to market-leading public clouds (such as AWS) by providing deep API compatibility and support for popular ecosystem tools. Visit the Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap page to learn of new Eucalyptus features and additional AWS APIs that will be supported.